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Nicole and Cesar's Thomas Center Wedding | Gainesville, Florida

Spring Wedding at The Historic Thomas Center in Gainesville, FL for these high school sweethearts.

The day finally came for Nicole and Cesar, they have waited so long for this and it was beautiful. "A dream come true!" Nicole kept saying that to me. Due to COVID-19, their wedding was postponed one month before their wedding date. Like many couples during this time, it was a struggle trying to find another date that would work for all the vendors but in the end everything turned out amazing. If you haven't gotten the chance to see Nicole and Cesar Engagement Photos at the Payne Prairie in Gainesville, you should definitely take a look. These two high school sweetheart just radiates so much love and joy. They makes me feel so thankful and blessed that I get to capture their special day and celebrate with them.

They have known each other since high school in South Florida, came to Gainesville for school, and now live in NY. During their toasts, both Cesar's brother and Nicole's sister, expressed how happy they were for them and how thankful that they bring so much joy into each other's lives. I even love how their families all danced and have fun with each other like one big happy family.

After 13 years of being together, and having gone through so much to be with each other, their first look brought me to tears. Speechless, Cesar kept saying "Wow!" "Wow Nicole!", as he lifts her up and spin her around. I find it so endearing how he held onto her so tight, and kept hugging and kissing her, not just on the lips but on the forehead as well. It was one of my favorite moments.

Another favorite moment and a big surprise for me was when they unveiled Cesar's parent wedding gift to them during the toast -- a painting done by Cesar's mom of one of my photos from their engagement shoot. It was so beautiful. She is so talented. Even though it was a present meant for them, I couldn't help but feel that it was a gift to me also. I've seen my photos on magazine covers, enlarged on walls and mantle, but this was the first painting for me. What a gift!

Nicole and Cesar-Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day. I love watching you two together, photographing you was so easy, your love and joy just radiates through each pictures, I love praying for your marriage and your special day-that the rain was held back so you can have the outdoor wedding of your dream. I love serving you and help make your day special. I know it wasn't just me that wanted that day to be everything you dream of but everybody involved as well. I even heard one of the vendors at the Thomas Center said, "I just want her to have the best day." I feel the same. I wish you a lifetime of happiness as you continue this journey together, may it be full of beautiful memories, fun, and adventures. --Love, Katie

If you want to see the team of vendors that helped made their dream came true see below.

They got married under this beautiful oak tree at The Thomas Center. The rain almost kept them from having the wedding of their dream under this special tree, but our prayers were answered and the rain were held back until reception time. This tree was special to them because they have spent a lot of time here having picnics and playing with Simba, their Dog of Honor.

One of my favorite moments during this reception was the revealing of Cesar's mom painting as a wedding gift to them. Much to my surprise it was of one of their engagement photos that I took! She is so talented.

The amazing team of vendors that helped made their wedding day dream came true:

Wedding Coordinator: Lillydove Creations Alexandra Lawson

Bakery: Sugar Refined-Maria

Makeup Artist: Olivia Archer: 352-359-5010

Hair Stylist: Miriah: 352-562-1997

Bridal Gown: Boca Raton Bridal


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