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Matt and Kim | Hilltop Restaurant Wedding | Jacksonville, Florida

Hilltop Restaurant | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer | Alive Photographyy

I can't gush over Kim and Matt's wedding enough, it was filled with so many meaningful and beautiful moments, just perfect on so many levels. From the moment of their first look, to reading their love letters, to watching the balloons they released in memory of Kim's mother, I was so touched. Kim and Matt did a wonderful job with planning all the little details, personalizations, and making it truly theirs. They were surrounded by so much love from family and friends and a wonderful team of vendors. Just wonderful!

For those of you who don't yet know their love story of how they first met in middle school, you can read it on their engagement blog post here: Kim and Matt's Engagement

One of my favorite memories of their wedding day was their first look. While we waited for Kim to come, Matt was overcome with emotion at the anticipation of seeing his bride. I couldn't help but got emotional myself. I tried putting myself in their shoes, wondering about the thoughts that were running through their minds, all the feelings that they must be feeling, nervousness, excitement, everything that was building up to this day. Though they have known each other for so long, they are high school sweethearts, their familiarity with each other didn't affect their excitement. It seemed that it just made their love deeper.

I marvel at the tenderness of their first moment together on the wedding day. Kim drying Matt's tears, the way she looked at him with so much love and care. I'm at a loss for word as I'm trying to describe this moment. It was just so beautiful to watch. I felt so privilege to have witnessed it. I'm amaze how the love letter they wrote to each other still reach each other's heart so deep. Matt and Kim, how do you do that? ---How do you keep your love so fresh after all these years? I just love watching you guys. I'm so glad we set aside the time for the first look and so glad you get to spend that precious time together!

Congratulations newlyweds!!! I'm so happy for you both and so happy to be able to witness all the beautiful moments of your day. May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together, fill with many wonderful memories-making-moments. May your love always be fresh, tender, and deep like how I saw it on your wedding day. --Love, Katie

Kim and Matt's amazing team of wedding vendors:

Wedding Coordinator and Venue: Stacey Nelson Martorano, The Hilltop Restaurant

Florist: Carol Berg Orange Park Florist

DJ: Mark Aria with Mark Aria Entertainment

Caterer: Hilltop Team The Hilltop Restaurant

Bakery: Publix Argyle Forest

Videographer: Mike Heath Reel Insight Productions

Makeup and Hair Stylist: Brosnaich Beauty (Alycia)

Bridal Gown Boutique: David’s Bridal

Tuxedo Store: Men's Wearhouse

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