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Luis and Stephanie's Wedding | Baughman Center Ceremony | Plantation Hall Reception

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I have come to know some amazingly strong brides and Stephanie is definitely one of them. In the past year, Covid and life had thrown her many lemons and curveballs but she persevered and, in my eye, became so much stronger through it all. While I cannot possibly fathom all the ways how difficult it had been on a daily basis for her, I'm amazed by how she handled it all with so much grace. These are some of my thoughts and observations as her photographer.

Her original wedding date was suppose to be in February but she had to pushed it back to May because her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. The news hit me because just a few months earlier my mom was also diagnosed with lung cancer. From my experience with mom and her sharing, it came with a wave of doctor visits, surgery, emergency room visits, and diagnostic tests. All the while, Stephanie was working and planning a wedding at the same time. Scary news came when her mom had pneumonia and blood infection after her lung surgery and she had to be put on ventilator. With the mustard seed of faith that I had, I prayed that God would bring her mom through it so she can be there for her wedding day. I said mustard seed of faith because in my experience, with relatives and others that I've know, once they are on the ventilator they never came back. Then I waited, scared but expectantly. No news was good news during those days of waiting. So, believe me when I said I rejoiced so much when she told me in January 23rd, that her mom was finally doing well and that they are planning to discharge her!! Praise God!!! I even feel emotional now as I recall that day. And here she is, an answer to my prayer, and I'm sure an answer to Stephanie's prayers and all those that know her as well, standing beside her on her wedding day. She even caught the bouquet that night! It bring me so much joy to share some of my favorite photos from Stephanie and Luis's wedding day with you!

Luis and Stephanie, I'm so glad to have met you and share a little bit of your journey this past year with you. I'm so glad you guys found each other and are together now as man and wife. Enjoy this new journey together and may you grow even stronger together as you take on life and everything that may be thrown at you. I also want to thank everyone who had supported and prayed for you and your family this past year. I'm sure their love and presence helped carried you through those extremely challenging times. Thank you to all the amazing vendors as well that all came together to help make your day extra special. It wouldn't be the same without you. --With much love, Katie Le

Their amazing team of vendors information is listed at the end of this blog post.

The Amazing Team that Stephanie and Luis chose:

Ceremony Venue:  Baughman Center, 982 Museum Road, Gainesville

Reception Venue:  Haile Plantation Hall, 5100 SW 91st Terrace, Gainesville 352-371-1600

Coordinator:  Julie Herman Events, 352-359-4828

Officiant: Maddison Pinder/Sunshine Wedding Officiants, 305-753-5932 

Photographer: Alive Photography/Katie Le, 425-239-5912

Videographer: Nick Nas Visuals, 904-599-7785

Ceremony Musician/DJ: Y Entertainment Hector Calderon, 904-228-3000 

Catering:  David’s BBQ/Bobby Perry 352-373-2002

Cake: Sugar Mama Sweets, 352-999-8910 

Florist: Plant Shoppe/Betsy, 352-371-6249

Hair/Makeup Stylist: Moxie to Go, 833-669-4363

Men's Attire: Men's Wearhouse


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