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Tina and Ken | Sunset Anniversary Photoshoot | Howard Park, Everett, WA

Tenth Anniversary Golden Hour Photo Session | Alive Photography

Last year, I felt honored when Tina contacted me about coming back to Seattle in 2019 to do her 10 years wedding anniversary photoshoot. Though I didn't know how crazy my schedule was going to get with a month long trip to Vietnam, my schedule opened up after we got back and our family flew to Seattle for a visit. I'm so glad that we made this shoot happen despite both of our crazy schedules!

I knew Tina growing up in Lynnwood, WA. We use to live in the same apartment complex when our family emigrated to America. My family moved away when I was in middle school and we lost touch. Later on, Tina became very close to one of my other close friend so I always hear updates about her. Now, thank to social media we are able to stay connected, see each other get married and have kids even though we are thousand miles apart. I love that we both get to celebrate our 10th year anniversary this year and to see them again in person after so many years.

Tina and Ken-it was so good to see you guys again after so many years and to meet your kids in person. Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary. May you enjoy many more wonderful moments together fill with love and laughters. I hope this session reminds you of when you fell in love and all the sweet times you had together. Love, Katie

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