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Cesar + Nicole Engagement | High school Sweetheart | Payne Prairie | Gainesville, FL

Gainesville Engagement and Wedding Photographer | Alive Photography

CHERISH is the word that came to mind when I see Cesar looks at Nicole. Cherish is defined as: protect and care for (someone) lovingly, to hold dear. Love is one thing and we hear it so often, but CHERISH takes it to another level. I think of a car collector cherishing his dream car; it's his prized possession. He takes care of it, he cleans it often, wipes the dust off it gently with each stroke, he keeps it in a safe place away from the harsh weather, he shows it off to his friend, he is happy just looking at it, it mesmerizes him...he can't believe that it belongs to him. That's how Cesar looks at Nicole. It was a joy to witness them interact with each other. In the quiet moments that they shared, they were so sweet and tender with each other. It was magical. Every shot was beautiful! Other times, it was full of smiles, lots of cuddles and hugs, twirls, and Nicole being swept off her feet. So much fun!

Introduced by Cesar's sister, they have known each other for ELEVEN years! That's back in the day when MySpace and AIM was a thing! This reminds me so much of my own story of Tim and I. My own husband messaged me on MySpace, and when I didn't answer he went onto Facebook to message me. On Facebook, I can see the one friend we had in common, my cousin-who played the matchmaker. I replied to him, we continued our conversation on AIM and the rest is history, around 12yrs ago! It's amazing that we both lived through that period together.

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness, and that you will continue to CHERISH each other and what you have each and every day!

For their second look, it was a fancier outfit- perfect for a fancy date. As we walked along, I noticed this beautiful golden beam of light that was shining through the trees. It weren't there before when we had first took our walk. It's golden hour! Us photographers LOVE golden hour! We chose to re-enact their proposal in that place and it just brought so much emotion onto me. I wasn't there to capture their initial proposal but this sure felt just as good. It was a beautiful culmination of all the years they have known each other, supported each other, and loved each other since high school. It was beautiful.

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