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Kim and Matt Engagement Session | Bluefield Estate Winery | Gainesville, FL

Golden Hour Fall Engagement Session | Alive Photography

Matt and Kim are getting married this week!!! I thought it would be appropriate to showcase their engagement pictures on my blog today. From the day I met them for our consultation meeting at Starbucks, to taking their engagement pictures at the Bluefield Estate Winery, until now (we just finished our final video conference before the big day) so much had happened in their lives. Kim graduated and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, moved to a new city, got a new job, and celebrated their 8yrs of being together! They actually met in middle school, but their relationship didn't started until the 10th grade when they sat next to each other in math class. Something about math class seems to bring couple together; math class become much more interesting for Matt when there is a pretty girl there that he can check answers with. :)

Now they can look forward to being more than math class partners, they can be partners for life! Matt proposed under The Love Tree in St. Augustine, Florida. If you are not familiar with the story behind The Love Tree you can read more about it here: The trees are so intertwined that if you separate them they will die; the sable palm is growing out of the heart of an old oak tree. According to legend, if you kiss your love under the tree, you will have everlasting romance. Generations of couples have kissed here and came back on their anniversary to kiss again. Maybe someday soon Matt and Kim will return there again!

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