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Mark and Kristyne | Wedding | Oak Orchard | Brunswick, Georgia

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Romantic Barn Wedding | Alive Photography by Katie Le

Long distance relationships are HARD!!

If you had ever been in one then you can relate. It’s even harder when your love is deployed oversea where occasional visits are out of the question. That’s why Mark and Kristyne’s love story is amazing. After knowing each other for only two months, Mark was deployed for six months oversea. However, the connection they made during those TWO months was strong enough; they felt their relationship would be worth pursuing, despite the distance.

During their engagement session, we visited their special place, Kicksbacks Gastropub, in Jacksonville, FL. This was where it all started; on their first date, they bonded over their love for Star Wars and craft beers; their conversation on this first date just seem to flow and everything felt so natural. For lover of craft beers, it helps that Kicksback’s selection include over 600 bottles of beers and 84 beers on the tap! You can view some of my favorites from their engagement session here:

Two and a half year later, after a 2nd deployment, Mark brought Kristyne back to this same place and proposed! Now on the wedding day, Kristyne is wearing the same perfume that she wore on that first date where Mark told her she smell wonderful.

As they celebrate this special wedding day with family and friends, it’s also a bittersweet time of “goodbye” and “see you later” because Mark will be stationed in Japan for three years. However, this time, Kristyne will be JOINING him on their new adventure together! No longer apart!

Details, first look pictures, and portraits time are the best!! I love the chance to be CREATIVE!

Before the ceremony, we were worry that the weather wouldn't hold off. It started drizzling a little bit, but in the end it did! The weather turned out to be perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. We even had plenty of shade. Since their wedding is in February, we never know how the weather was going to be in the south. It is still winter after all! We had some cold fronts that came through and some parts of the nation were covered in snow. Mark and Kristyne were prepared though, there were baskets of blankets in case anyone got cold! One of their signs said "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts! Grab a Blanket!" What a thoughtful gesture!

For their ceremony, Mark and Kristyne chose one of their closest friends to marry them. How special is that! More special moments came during the toasts that brought so much joy and laughters. It brought back so much fond memories of their lives before they met each other. Another favorite of mine was watching each of them dance with their parents. It was hard not to get teary eyed watching them. Their song choice couldn't be anymore perfect!

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