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Katie's Idea of Romance | An Anniversary Photoshoot in Vietnam

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


This year marks our 10th wedding anniversary. It’s a huge milestone for us and we wanted to commemorate by bringing our family back to visit Vietnam. Tim and I had been there for our honeymoon but the kids have never been. We thought it would be a great idea to experience Vietnam together as a family.

I realized that knowing our pasts and seeing how we were raised influenced a lot of who we are. Spending time with our family, seeing where we grow up, it helped us understand each other and why we behave or may feel a certain way about things. In addition to visiting our relatives and go sight seeing, I also took Tim and the kids back to the old village where I spent my childhood.

MY FIRST IDEA OF ROMANCE--Riding bicycles with my love in the middle of the rice field picking lotus flowers.

A lot of my memories growing up revolved around these three things. I lived in a very remote village; we had hard dirt floor in our house and the roads were made out of hard dirt as well. My village was surrounded by rice fields. When it flooded, it felt like we were in the middle of a giant lake.

Lotus Flower

When I was little, on my way to school was a pond that had many lotus flower. I remember my dad taking us to the pond toward sunset. We would watch the fish jumped up and down, their scales reflected the sunlight. It was a beautiful sight! I always look admiringly at the beautiful pink lotus flower but never picked it for fear that I would fall in. It seemed like God knew my heart's desire because while we were out taking pictures, an old lady rode by with an already made bouquet of lotus flowers. I really wanted for it to be my bouquet but I didn't say anything thinking I already had one and beside I didn't have any money on me. Somehow, God put it on the photographer's heart to flag down the lady and bought it for me!!


We didn't have a car or a scooter at the time so walking or riding on the back of my parents bicycles were our method of transportation at that time. I remember seeing dating couples riding on their bicycles, the guy would pedal and the girl would sit in the back with both of her legs on one side, holding onto the guy's waist. That image became my idea of what ROMANCE is.

Though I could choose from many different locations, I chose to ride these old bicycles by the rice field, with my lotus flower bouquet, and finally being able to pick one from the pond.

MY SECOND IDEA OF ROMANCE--Lighting a paper lantern and watching it float on the river. All the vibrant colors reflected by the water seems to lit up the night sky. Then riding down the river in a canoe surrounded by lanterns. You couldn't help but sit back and admire all the beautiful lanterns, soaking in the evening breeze. Tim and I did that and it was nice, but with kids that romantic picture didn't come out exactly as I had imagined. Plus there were so many people everywhere. We chose to come back and do the pictures during the day time.

Old Town Hoi An, Vietnam

Can't forget the cyclo "xich lo" and bougainvillaea "cay hoa giay" as part of my picture of romance.

THIRD IDEA OF ROMANCE-Playing in the water and laying in the sand. I must say, this was influence by my years of upbringing in America!

CUA DAI BEACH--I used to swim here, isn't it beautiful that we can see the mountain as we swim? You don't see this in America.

Not afraid of getting dirty. So nice! Also isn't the scene of Jack and Rose on the Titanic a picture of ROMANCE? We had to include that too! :)

CONCLUSION: HANDS IN HANDS walking in the sunset until the end.

Photo Credit: Tuong Phuc Studio

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