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Daniel and Deaven Elopement | St Augustine, FL

Elopement | Alive Photography | Gainesville Wedding Photographer

I knocked once, I knocked twice, I knocked three times. Silence…

Going back and forth between beautiful turquoise door and the white door, I texted, I called…No Answer

Little did I know Deaven and Daniel were “quarantined” to their rooms trying to get themselves ready, saving their anticipated interaction, the final reveal, at the First Look.

Their chosen place to stay and celebrate was a two bedrooms beach house in the North side of St. Augsutine along the Atlantic coast. A renovated house with a turquoise accents, grayish floor, modern furnitures, king side bed, was decorated tastefully.

The first look did not disappoint. He waited expectantly, a little nervous perhaps, for her to walk outside through the French doors and turn the corner. I watched as they exchanged their first look, he goes from beaming lightly to grinning so broad his whole face light up. She returned his gaze, carefully picking up her dress as she walked up the steps. She had chosen a romantic flowy long dress with blush pink flower design and a matching bouquet for the occasion. Yet her smile shines the brightest of all.

“WOW! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!” Daniel exclaimed and took a step toward her, holding out his hands.

“YOU LOOK GREAT TOO!” Deaven exclaimed equally.

After their first look, I show them their pictures from behind my camera. Deaven kept saying, “I can’t believe that’s us!” as she tries to process that it was indeed them and that they were getting married.

After nine years of being together and four years of engagement, they went back and forth between having a traditional wedding and an elopement. In the end, they decided to elope since most of their families were living far away in Pennsylvania. However, Daniel and Deaven kept them close to them on this day. She chose a special charm in the shape of the state of Pennsylvania tied to her bouquet. If you look closely, you will also see a blue butterfly on her bouquet. She had chosen it to honor her late grandmother. How beautiful is that!

Daniel and Deaven, it was such a wonderful day spending it with you. I had so much fun with you guys, I felt so special to be your photographer, to document your day, and in a way, transport the wedding to your families far away. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. --Love, Katie

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