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Rachel and Sean | Engagement Session | Kanapaha Botanical Garden | Gainesville, FL

When I asked Rachel what she loves most about Sean, she said, “I love how loyal he is. He is hard working, honest, and compassionate!” I just love that answer. Several times during the engagement session, I asked Sean what type of photos he wanted, he always said, whatever that will make Rachel happy.

Rachel and Sean met in 2014 in North Carolina, after several years of being together they had to spent a year a part when Rachel was accepted into UF dental school. Instead of being separated longer, Sean chose to put his career on hold and moved back to Gainesville, his alma mater, to help her pursue her dream of finishing up dental school. Now they are together once again.

Recently, Sean proposed the day after Christmas, during a beautiful sunset and they are now planning their wedding together. I AGREE, LOVERS SHOULDN'T BE A PART. I've been there too but it was so hard. Together is best. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness as you build your dream life together.

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