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Mark and Kristyne | Engagement Session | Memorial Park | Jacksonville, Florida

Do you remember the place where you had your first date? Mark and Kristyne do! It's the same place where Mark brought Kristyne back to when he proposed 2.5yrs later. They gave me a little tour of Kickbacks Gastropub when we came here for their engagement session, showing me where they sat on that first date. We also found the exact place where Mark got down on one knee and ask Kristyne to marry him. It felt like I was there seeing their first date unfold.

On that first date, they bonded right away over their love for craft beers and Star Wars. Their conversation didn't stop even when he was stationed oversea for 6 months, TWICE. They knew their relationship was special and worth pursuing despite the challenges of having a long-distance relationship. Now united again, they are planning for their big day!

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