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Jeff and Allison Family Portraits | Downtown Jacksonville, FL

Look at that gorgeous dip by Jeff and Allison!!! I thought they did this dip perfectly. Having the beautiful downtown Jacksonville as a backdrop doesn't hurt either does it? These two have been married for 21 years with two beautiful children but sparks still flies, it was really beautiful to watch. In the beginning of the session, I asked if they were ok with kissing in the pictures and they said they were ok with it. The reason why I said it was beautiful to watch was because it seems that every time their faces were near each other, they would give each other a kiss and a smile. I love it!

Allison reached out to me after she saw a session I did for her sister and brother-in-law, Laure and Rob, in Gainesville. She loved my bright and airy style so much she asked if I can do theirs too. After exchanging some more emails, asking her a few more questions, seeing some samples of what poses she likes, discuss what she was hoping to accomplish with our session, and picking outfits, we decided to have the session in downtown Jacksonville. She put so much thoughts into preparing for the session and I appreciated it so much. She coordinated the perfect outfit from head to toes, made sure everyone had time to rest, and that they all had something to eat before the session. I couldn't ask for a better way to prepare because HANGRY is not something that goes well with pictures :) Nature did throw us some gusts of wind that makes hair flies but we made it work. We had a beautiful and peaceful evening by the waterfront.

Allison and Jeff, it was a beautiful evening spending it with your family. Thank you so much for all the thoughts you put into the session, though we can't control everything, as long as there is love and smiles, the pictures turned out great. I hope you enjoy and cherish these moments with your family for years to come. --Love, Katie

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