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Dominick Senior Photoshoot Downtown Jacksonville

Senior Session at Downtown Jacksonville | Alive Photography

I love it when seniors get to show off their cars, especially when there is so many memories that's associated with that. Dominick mentioned that he drove a lot of his friend around in that car. I can only imagine all the fun memories he had with them. I'm sure there were other memories that was sure memorable but he probably won't say "fun" is the right words to describe them. I'm sure his mother was worry sick when he started driving as well but soon realized what a nice change it was for her that she doesn't have to give as many rides anymore. Driving definitely is a rite of passage into adulthood, where a young man gains his independence. It definitely pushes the parents to let them go and explore the world a little bit more than the safety net that they would like to keep them in.

My kids haven't started driving yet but my nephews are starting and I'm preparing myself for these moments. Dominick--what a great session we had, you probably didn't know you had it in you but you did so great! I love these shots and I hope you love them too! I wish you have an amazing rest of your senior year! --Katie


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