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Laure and Rob Family Photoshoot | Sunset at Sweetwater Wetlands Park | Gainesville, Florida

Family sessions are always full of surprises. The best ones are when we can roll around in the grass and get genuine laughters like these. No matter how much I prepared myself or the parents prepared themselves, the children usually have minds of their own.

For example, instead of sitting on the grass they want to lay down on the grass, sometimes not even showing me their faces, sometimes they put their butts in the air because they think it's funny or instead of giving hugs and kisses, they tackle each other!! Sometimes they even tackle ME, because they think it's FUNNY! We all play along.

Even through all the chaos, we got some precious moments like these to cherish, that and having them ran into my arms, and held my hands as we walked to the car; even though it was short, before they ran off once again. Just that little short moment made it all worth it.

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