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Tony and Jacqueline | Family Portrait Session | Seahurst Park, Seattle WA

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Family Sunset Portrait Session | Seattle, WA

Some of you might not know that I use to live in Seattle, in fact, my parents and siblings are still there! That's why I get so excited when we get the opportunity to go to Seattle! It's a chance to see my family and meet up with old friends like Tony and Jacqueline. Jacqueline and I actually went to elementary and high school together! We both got married the same year in 2009! This year we both celebrated our 10th year anniversary, hers and Tony's was actually only a few days ago! Congratulations guys!

The theme continued. We both were pregnant in the same year and Annabelle and Heidi was born just a couple months apart. There was another childhood friends of ours, Trang and Tu, that also got married the same year and was pregnant the same time as us. When we visit Seattle, our three families always try to get together for a little reunion. There was one Christmas where all three of us have our one year old baby girl and we were all pregnant at the same time! So both our 1st and 2nd born are the same age. While Trang and I paused/stop (not sure yet if we are going to have a third) Tony and Jacqueline had their baby David! Every time we get together, we always ask each other are you going to have a third!! We will see, we keep saying it's now or never, otherwise we are getting too old haha. Enjoy this sweet family's gallery!

Tony and Jacqueline-- it's always a pleasure to see you guys, have our little reunion, and catch up. It's even more special this time around because we get to celebrate your birthday and commemorate both of our 10 years of marriage together. What an amazing milestone! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family of five. Thankful that our families get to share this journey together. Much love, Katie

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