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The Nguyen Family Portrait Session | Juanita Bay Park | Kirkland, WA

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The Nguyen's Family | Extended Family Session | Alive Photography

I knew Hai and Son when I was in college at the University of Washington in Seattle. We all fell in love with photography at around the same time. They were actually our engagement photographers, full of talents and visions themselves! So it's with great pleasure that I have the chance to photograph their family during this year's visit to Seattle.

It's amazing to see how their whole family have grown, all the siblings are now married and with kids! I'm thankful that photography have allowed me to see old friends whom I haven't seen in years. Though I have seen their kids grow up via Instagram, it's so much better to meet them in person and see their little personalities. It's also a chance to see my friends being "MOM", which is such a treat!

Hai and Son--thank you for allowing me to photograph your family and to see you guys again. It reminded me of our wonderful college days of clothing exchanges, potlucks, and church activities and fellowship. I cherished those memories. I LOVED our time together. Love, Katie (aka: Doan)

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