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Stephanie and Robert Family Photoshoot | Town of Tioga | Gainesville, Florida

Holiday Family Session | Alive Photography

It's that time of the year when the weather is finally cool enough for holiday sessions! I love Fall in Gainesville. I have been super excited that with my new website, I can finally blog all my sessions and share them with you. Here is one of those sessions that I have to catch up with posting! I love that Elle wanted to wear matching dresses with her mom, that's one of my favorite part about having a daughter, to have a little mini me to dress up with. Sometimes, I forget that my kids look up to us parents so much, they want to be funny like us, dress like us, talk like us; Heidi recently started making To-Do List like me! I can see that Jack and Elle look up to their parents so much.

I also love that Elle and Jack wanted to give their inputs on what kind of poses they wanted to take, Jack really wanted me to take a photo of him giving Elle a piggy-back-ride, and we did just that! I love that they were excited to take pictures and to make the session their own. I encourage it; I try to do a little bit of that in all my sessions, I even take funny face poses because kids LOVE those! They like to see funny pictures of themselves and have a good time during the session. So when I need to take everyone's headshots (I know parents need them for their profile page and kids like to see how handsome or beautiful they look) they will be willing to give it to me!

Stephanie and Robert, what a beautiful you have! I'm glad we were able to include the grandparents in them as well. I know it means a lot to them to have beautiful images of themselves with you and the grandkids. Thank you for entrusting with me your family holiday photo session! --Katie

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