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Mais and Mohamad Maternity Session | University of Florida | Baughman Center

Maternity Portrait | Gainesville Photographer | Alive Photography

"A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die." -- Mary Mason

I couldn't be happier for Mais and Mohamad when she told me they were expecting a LITTLE GIRL! Having both a boy and a girl myself, I was glad that Heidi was my first born. Something about having a girl first really initiate a woman's journey into motherhood in such a beautiful way. We look forward to decorating the nursery with a little hint of pink and purple, dressing our little girl in adorable little dresses and buy her these tiny little shoes. Soon, there will be a little mini-me running around the house.

Having a little girl first really helped my husband transitioned into fatherhood as well. His instinct to protect kicked in and his heart melted when he held the tiny baby girl in his arms. Having never changed a diaper before, he didn't mind changing his own daughter's diaper when she needed changing. He became gentler with this new fragile little human being that came into his life. She became his "daddy's little girl", his tiny princess. I look forward to this new journey that Mais and Mohamad will get to travel soon.

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