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Hannah and Dylan Maternity | Kanapaha Botanical Garden | Gainesville, Florida

Kanapaha Botanical Garden never disappoints. The scenery was beautiful, the lighting was gorgeous, but what's more beautiful was the love and excitement that Hannah and Dylan's share between them, their fur baby Koda, and their soon to be princess. Though they are preparing for their upcoming bundle of joy, they wanted to make sure that Koda doesn't get left out of their family pictures. Sadden by the fact that Koda wasn't there for their engagement and wedding pictures, they wanted to make sure that she will be in these ones. So much, to the point that Hannah and Dylan chose to forego their desire for other locations when they didn't allow pets! One of Hannah's favorite pictures was of Koda being in the foreground while she and Dylan were in the background. I've taken similar poses where the baby was the focus of attention, this come to show how much Koda meant to them. SHE IS LOVED and I hope she knows that.

Though pretty soon, the attention might shift a whole lot due to the needs of a newborn, I hope these pictures will remind Koda that she is very much part of the family. She will have a baby sister soon and I'm sure she will enjoy having a new sibling to play with. Can't wait to see what their relationship will be like!

Hannah and Dylan-what a joy it was to be able to celebrate this new journey with you and to capture your precious fur baby, Koda. I'm so excited for you both and can't wait to meet your little princess!

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