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Jesely and Justin Family Portrait | Sweetwater Wetlands Park | Gainesville, FL

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How many people can say that they have lived in three different states at the same time as you but never met until now? That's what Jesely and I have in common, we both are graduates of the University of Washington! So when she reached out for family portraits and say "Go Seahawk!" I couldn't wait to meet her. She was hoping to get some intimate portraits of her family with Otto smiling with some teeth! Anyone with pre-teens know that can be a challenge sometimes, but base on these photos you can never tell so I'm glad.

One of my favorite memory was when I was doing their individual portraits, up until that point Otto had been pretty quiet, but when I told him to strike a pose for me on that bridge, he gave me the best model look, showing off his awesome shoes and matching hat. I was taken by surprise but enjoyed that moment so much. He seems to be in his element doing that...hint hint mom. :)

I also love the ones where they were tickling him, they made me smile every time I look at them. I tried putting myself in their shoes for a moment and can't help but think "I can't believe my baby is all growing up."

Jesely and Justin, it was so great to meet you guys and spending the evening at Sweetwater Wetlands with you. I hope to see you guys again soon! Go Seahawks and Go Gators! :)

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