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Abby 1st Birthday | Wild Flower Field | Gainesville, Florida

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Abby 1st Birthday | Wild Flower Field | Alive Photography
“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.”—Unknown

Vanessa and Kyle may have read books and taken classes for would-be parents, and might have thought they were prepared. However, when Abby is born, they, like any first time parents, must have realized that absolutely nothing could ever prepare them for the responsibility of being a parent. I sure wasn’t.

I remember reading the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” it was a very informational book and many people recommended it. Yet somehow, nothing was real. My little baby that was the size of a blueberry became the size of a cantaloupe, and then grew into the size of a watermelon. The thoughts were all wonderful; I even remember celebrating each milestone, but NOTHING prepared me for the actual baby that felt so tiny and fragile that was placed in my arms.

The tricky thing about having a baby is that they do not come with a manual. Yet somehow us parents made it, first year come and gone, just like that. Abby is now a ONE YEAR OLD. I remember when she was in her mom’s tummy. During their maternity session, I had asked Kyle to kissed her then. It probably felt weird at the time, but I know when Abby grew up and see that, something will light up inside her, knowing she was loved even before she was born. I speak from experience.

With a young child to take care of comes with a lot of responsibility. At the same time, having that little angel in your life compensates for all the sleepless nights and the great responsibility that rests upon your shoulders. As you hold her, cuddle her, smother her with all your love and kisses you realize that it is now your responsibility to raise this beautiful little wonder and to equip her with everything she needs for life.

Kyle and Vanessa, enjoy every bit of it. It comes and go so fast. Happy Birthday Sweet and Precious Abby!

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