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Joanna Class of 2019 | Graduation Photo Session Wildflower by UF Bat House

“Nothing worth having or worth doing was ever achieved without effort.”-Theodore Roosevelt

Everyone is given 24hrs each day to accomplish whatever it is they wish to do. Yet somehow some seems to accomplish much more than others. That's the case with Joanna.

At the University of Florida, she graduated with summa cum laude, awarded the Outstanding Two-Year Scholar at graduation, and traveled to and conducted research in AFRICA etc. She won numerous other awards and accomplished many other things in her TWO years at UF but they are too many to list.

How was she able to accomplish all of this? I think it's her passion, positive attitude + extra doses of hard work. In the month leading up to graduation, we had such a hard time arranging time to plan her graduation photoshoot, she was presenting her research one day, receiving some awards the next, studying for finals, and preparing to graduate. Her schedule was pretty packed every day. We finally found 15 minutes to talk while she took a break from studying. On the day of her photoshoot, exciting time, but her wallet was stolen! I could only imagine the stress that comes with that. Yet somehow meeting her you would never know. She was FULLY IN THE PRESENT and was smiling the whole time. None of the stress and hectic schedules of the past several months over took her positive attitude and her desire to celebrate.

The reason I share all this is to let you see a glimpse of the stories behind each person that I get to meet, so that YOU can meet and know them too. I think they are pretty amazing.

As for Joann, I'm so proud to have met you and it was an honor to celebrate with you. May your passion, amazing attitude, and great work ethic never dies.

Now “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Enjoy your gallery!

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